Best Drip Irrigation System

Bestseller No. 1
Raindrip R560DP Automatic Watering Kit for Container and Hanging Baskets, Water up to 20 plants with this kit
  • This kit has everything you need to get started with drip irrigation and stop watering your plants by hand
  • Three simple steps to install This kit. Completely customizable kit to water your potted plants, hanging baskets
  • Comprehensive kit included
  • The timer and supply tubing are threaded just like a hose, making it easy to hook up and start using your system
  • It is so easy that if you can attach a garden hose, you can install This system
Bestseller No. 2
Axe Sickle Set of 50 Drip Emitters Perfect for 4mm / 7mm Tube, Adjustable 360 Degree Water Flow Drip Irrigation System for Watering System.
  • Total length: 5.2 inches / 13cm; water outlet hole diameter: 0.05 inch / 1.4mm. Irrigation angle: 360 degree Suitable for 4/7mm (Inner/Outer diameter) tube. Each dripper has 8 outlet holes at the top.
  • Make sure the hose is softened before connecting, you soak end of 1/4" tubing in VERY hot water before attaching to the dripper, A firm push with a little added wiggling gets the hose on with sprinkler.
  • Directs water exactly where you need it in a wide variety of planting areas Applies water similar to a spray head on an underground system for pots, tubs, ground cover, landscaped gardens and Etc...
  • Adjustable Water Flow: Water flow can be adjustable by rotating the water outlet hole cap. Adjust the amount of water according to actual needs, let your plant grow healthily, save water resources and save money.
  • 50 PCS: All Axe Sickle products are fulfilled by Amazon with 100% guarantee fast shipment and good customer service.
Bestseller No. 3
Flantor Garden Irrigation System, 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit/DIY Saving Water Automatic Irrigation Equipment Set for Garden Greenhouse, Flower Bed,Patio,Lawn
  • - Water all your plants at one time. After installing Gadgetmann Watering Equipment, all you need to do is turn on the tap when you need.
  • - Water your plants every day automatically (need a timer NOT INCLUDED) when you are on a business trip or during your travel.
  • - Save you from bothering your neighbors to help you take care of your plants when you are away.
  • -Every nozzle could be adjust individully, it can meet the water demand of different plants at one time.
  • - Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills. Easy installation with a manual with picture.
Bestseller No. 4
DIY Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit,Houseplants Self Watering System with 30-Day Digital Programmable Water Timer 5V USB Power Operation for Indoor Potted Plants Vacation Plant Watering [Gen 4]
  • 100% AUTOMATED DRIP IRRIGATION KIT: Combine pump and (30) day timer in 1 automatic drip watering system. Watering home&office potted plants quantitative & timing after simply set up the drip watering schedule and enjoy the freedom of having your plants automatically self-watered.Enjoy your plants thrive and growing healthy, with absolutely no effort!
  • SCIENTIFIC WATER-SAVING DESIGN: Use 70% less water than traditional spray & drip heads, by spot watering only exactly where needed, making your drip system great for saving water in drought conditions. Intelligent operation can cooperate with the law of plant growth and create a more beautiful landscape
  • DIGITAL TIMER DISPLAY: Featuring an extra-large LCD screen with bright, easy-to-read text and dial. Programming, set-up, and scheduling is simple. Screen is backlit enabling to set the water timer schedule at night
  • TWO TYPES OF POWER: Running this system from 4 pcs of AA batteries or Micro USB power. This is the only redundant power system on the market. If USB power fails the pump will continue to run on AA batteries (if batteries are installed).Excellent for urban patios and balconies where faucets are unavailable.
  • PROGRAM MEMORY:Once programmed, the settings are stored in internal memory automatically. Custom programming and settings will remain in memory even if power is removed. There will be no need to reprogram the water timer every time batteries are changed.
Bestseller No. 5
MAYiT Garden Automatic Drip Irrigation System, WiFi Connection iOS or and Android App Control Plant Watering Device, Plant Water Pump Timer Tool,Precise Watering for Garden Patio
  • 【Automatic Watering System with Timer】- This is a potted plant automatic watering product, which can regularly and quantitatively replenish water and nutrient solution for your favorite plants through the drop arrow. The use of arrows to plant micro-irrigation,water into a trickle Fine flow meticulous care, can be at the same time for up to 11 pots of plants to replenish water.
  • 【WIFI Connection App Control Watering Device】- WIFI control, free from distance restriction; WIFI connection, App control, Apply to IOS and Android mobile phone, Can water your beloved plants manually or automatically at any time and anywhere.
  • 【Intelligent Design & Precise Watering】- It is free to set the interval time, the number of times of watering and the single time of watering. Have power-off memory, Don't worry about data reset or stop automatic watering after power failure. Perfect for plants of intelligent care, such as Flowers/ Plants/ Floristry/ bonsai and potted fruit etc.
  • 【Applications】-This Set of Garden Automatic Drip Irrigation System with by DIY Timer Irrigation Controller Watering for Garden Flower Plant Houseplant, Intelligent operation can cooperate with the law of plant growth and create a more beautiful landscape.
  • 【Package Includes】- 1 Set of Intelligent drip irrigation system; Durable Plastic Automatic Drip Irrigation System, WiFi Connection App and Android App Control Automatic Drip Irrigation Tool Precise Watering with Power-Off Memory for Garden Flower and Houseplant.
Bestseller No. 6
WaterWise Drip Irrigation System
  • Proven Winners waterwise drip irrigation system allows you to water up to 10 Potted plants from a single faucet.
  • Additional drippers enable this kit to water up to 30 containers, and it can water A landscape using one dripper per Square foot of landscape area.
  • Kit includes vinyl tubing, drippers, barbed tees and crosses, nail clamps, a faucet adapter, support stakes, and back Flow prevention valve.
  • System is easy to use and durable, keeping your plants hydrated for many years.
  • Helps save money on water consumption, resulting in excellent plant performance with less work and lower water use.
Bestseller No. 7
OUTERDO Drip Irrigation Kits, 50ft/15m Plant Watering Kit with Distribution Tubing Hose Adjustable Nozzles, Mist Cooling Irrigation System Automatic Irrigation Set for Garden, Greenhouse, Patio, Lawn
  • 【High Quality & Saves Water】The irrigation tubing is made from high-quality UV resistant materials, and all of the fittings are made from high-quality ABS plastic, use long service life. Set up the drip irrigation system, it can automatic irrigation according to your setting when you turn on the faucet and can save up to 70% water savings compared to manual watering.
  • 【Watering Customization】Every nozzle/dripper could be adjusted individually, and the nozzle has two spraying modes, columnar and foggy, and you can adjust the nozzle according to your needs, to precisely customized watering for each plant. The 15-meter long hose is very suitable and convenient for your gardens.
  • 【Applicable Faucet & Easy Installation】This drip watering kit comes with 2 types of faucet connector. One is a threaded faucet connector, it is suitable for 3/4'' threaded faucet. Another one is a universal faucet connector, suitable for the non-threaded faucet. Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills, simply insert the fittings and drippers, you can begin watering your plants instantly.
  • 【Applications】-Flowers, Plants, Bonsai And Potted fruit, Patio drip irrigation. Garden watering kit for Family Homes, Hotels, Clubs, Offices patios, greenhouses, gardens, lawns And Other Plants Of Intelligent Care.
  • 【What We Provide】-OUTERDO garden irrigation kit comes with 3 months' 100% Satisfaction Sevice. If there any issue about our products, please feel free to contact the seller service first, we will try our best to solve it for you. Just buy it now.
Bestseller No. 8
Drip Irrigation Kit, 82ft Garden Irrigation System with 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Hose,Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Set Automatic Saving Water System for Garden,Lawn
  • SAVING WATER AND TIME : Drip irrigation system Kit could care every plant that you want to irrigation , saving up to 70% water and a lot of time , after installing the watering kit , just rotate faucet , watering all your plants in one time .
  • TWO SPRINKLE SYSTEMS : Automatic irrigation kit provide nozzles and drrippers to meet watering needs, no matter irrigate one plant at the root zone or mist above the plants, just a micro irrigation sprinkler kit care your garden.
  • EASY INSTALLATION : Drip irrigation kits simple installation without digging or plumbing skills ,simply cutting the hose, connect the barbed fittings with nozzles or drrippers, an user manual to show how to install clearly ,just do it yourself .
  • MULTIFUNCTION KIT : Drippers and Nozzles are also adjustable, controlling the water flow by rotate,the nozzles also provides a cool environment from the heat for outdoor areas.Great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation .
  • GOOD QUALITY : Garden irrigation system made of ABS Plastic + Rubber material , ensure the item no odor and poison , tubing hose made by high quality, UV resistant materials, unmatched resistance to chemicals. It can be left out year-round, buried or on the surface, in any weather.
Bestseller No. 9
Axe Sickle 100pcs Adjustable Irrigation Drippers Sprinklers 1/4 Inch Emitter Dripper Micro Drip Irrigation Sprinklers for Watering System.
  • Color: Black and Red Material: Plastic.
  • Full open they will cover a 10 to 12 inch circle.
  • Has a 1/4-inch barb thread connection, Suitable for 4mm/ 7mm(Inner/ Outer diameter) tube.
  • Great for watering potted plants, Able to Maintain constant when Long laying or pressure fluctuations, irrigation uniformity.
  • Rotation of the cap allows adjustment of flow and diameter of throw down to a complete shut-off via a ratchet mechanism on the cap and a notch on the base.
Bestseller No. 10
Flantor Garden Irrigation System,50ft 3/8" & 50ft 1/4" Irrigation System Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit/Irrigation Kits Automatic Mist Irrigation Equipment Set for Garden,Flower Bed,Lawn
  • 【Professional-Large Tube Set】The newly upgraded 3/8" large tube has enough water pressure to make every dripper work normally.The thick water pipe makes the water flow bigger and reaches the end more quickly.Your garden can be taken care of very well.
  • 【Durable in Hot and Cool Weather】Durable and versatile poly drip watering hose made of low-density polyethylene construction.Rugged, flexible tubing does not deform or swell under the sun, and is durable throughout the year.
  • 【Saves Water&Money】The plant drip irrigation system saves 70% more water than traditional nozzles.Precision drip irrigation systems provide the right amount of water slowly and accurately at the roots of plants.
  • 【Easy to Use】 Simple installation without the need for digging or plumbing skills. We provide instruction manual with pictures so that you can install them easily.
  • 【Have a Good Trip】Water your plants every day automatically (need a water timer NOT INCLUDED) when you are on a business trip or during your travel.Save you from bothering your neighbors to help you take care of your plants when you are away.

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